Truck Won’t Start?

Why Won’t My Truck Start? We’ve all been there. You’re getting ready to leave in the morning and all seems well until you try to start your truck and… nothing. Before [...]

Will an Oil Change Stop My Car from Overheating?

Yes, an oil change can help prevent your car from overheating. However, an overdue oil change is not the only possible cause for an overheating engine. Contact us at Ron’s Auto & RV [...]

Don’t Ignore These Signs That Your Car Needs Auto Repair

Car Troubles? You May Need a Mechanic if You Notice These Symptoms In an already stressful time, the last thing anyone needs is car problems. However, with many parts of Washington reopening the [...]

Engine Repair Versus Engine Replacement

Repair or Replace Your Engine? Engine trouble is as stressful as it gets when it comes to car issues. If your car is less than ten years old, when you have engine trouble, you are also faced with [...]

How To Tell When Your Brake Calipers Need Repair or Replacement

What Does the Brake Caliper Do? Having brake caliper problems? To understand the function of a brake caliper, motorists first need to understand how their vehicle’s disc brakes work. When [...]

7 Warning Signs You Need Brake Repair

Never Ignore These 7 Signs of Brake Problems Your vehicle requires routine maintenance, and it’s tempting to put off chores such as brake servicing and oil changes. However, your [...]

Signs That It’s Time For A Car Battery Replacement

The warning signs are there, but unlike the other demands of life, it’s easy to ignore them when the car still starts. The battery is the nucleus of any vehicle, yet drivers ignore this vital [...]

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