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Radiator Flush & Replacement Vancouver, WA

What is a radiator and why is it important?

Radiator Flush & Replacement Vancouver WAA radiator is a heat exchange component that is used to keep your engine cool. It is an integral part of your engine’s cooling system as its purpose is to cool the extremely hot coolant that circulates through your engine to keep it from overheating. It is comprised of aluminum fins and several tubes used to distribute the coolant to various parts of your engine. A correctly functioning radiator allows your vehicle’s cooling system to operate properly ultimately preventing engine failure. Maintenance on your radiator is vital. The technicians at Ron’s Auto and RV of Vancouver, and Battle Ground, can perform a radiator flush on your vehicle to prevent build-up that can cause damage to your cooling system and engine.

When should I have my radiator flushed?

This answer will vary depending on your vehicle. It’s best to check your owner’s manual to see what interval the manufacturer suggests for your vehicle. Other factors that come into play is how frequently you drive your vehicle and the type of antifreeze you use. Generally, it’s a good idea to have your radiator flushed on a yearly basis. If you’re still not sure please give Ron’s Auto and RV of Vancouver, Washington and Battle Ground, Washington a call and an expert mechanic can assist you.

When should I replace my radiator?

There are many signs that will indicate the need for a new radiator. If you notice water or coolant leaking from your vehicle, you should get your cooling system inspected as it could be an issue with your radiator or your water pump. If you notice rust appearing on or around your radiator that too could be a sign you may need a replacement. In addition, if your vehicle begins to overheat you should have it checked immediately to prevent any further damage from occurring to your engine and its cooling system.

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