Your manual transmission is a complex, vital component in your vehicle. if your manual transmission isn’t functioning properly it will prevent your vehicle from operating. In Vancouver, Washington and the surrounding area, Ron’s Auto and RV mechanics are the leaders in manual transmission repair. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to have your Manual transmission repaired.

How will I know I need my manual transmission repaired?

Your manual transmission will give you clear signs it needs some attention:ron's auto and rv service center auto care manual transmission repair services rebuild shop auto repair vancouver battleground wa washington

  • Burning smell – your vehicle shouldn’t give off any odor. If you smell burning it could be your transmission fluid burning up.
  • Noisy – If your car is sitting idle and you hear loud noises coming from your vehicle, you could need your manual transmission repaired.
  • Gears slipping – If your manual transmission is functioning normally, you should hardly notice gear changes. If you notice the gears slipping this is a sign you need to have your manual transmission repaired.
  • Leaking fluid – leaking fluid is never a good sign! If you know it’s transmission fluid that is coming out of the vehicle, it’s important to get it right into a shop for manual transmission repair.
  • Check engine light – An illuminated dashboard is not something you want to see. The check engine light could mean an issue with your Manual transmission or a number of other issues.

Because your transmission is an extremely complex mechanical component, it’s important to find a talented mechanic. Here at Ron’s Auto and RV, we specialize in all things to do with transmissions. When it comes time to have your manual transmission repaired, or your transmission serviced, our experience and diagnostic training make Ron’s Auto and RV the top choice for manual transmission repair in the Vancouver, and surrounding areas. Our shop works on all models of vehicles, both foreign and domestic. We happily offer all of our services at a competitive rate and only provide the best in quality vehicle care and maintenance services. Customer service and safety are our top priorities.

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