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5 Signs Your Car Might Need Transmission Repair

Your car is a complex system that contains many different parts that all need to work together in order for it to run properly. Many people don’t realize that the transmission is one of the most important parts of their car, and they often neglect to have it serviced regularly. Yes, the engine generates the power, but the transmission transfers that power; Without it, your vehicle will not be able to work. If your transmission is old or has been neglected for some time, there are some signs that will indicate that your vehicle is experiencing transmission troubles or even failure. We have provided you with a guide including symptoms to watch out for, when you should take your vehicle for an inspection or transmission repair, and tips on how to keep your transmission healthy!

1. Burning Smell

Your vehicle shouldn’t give off any odor. Usually, a burning smell signifies that one of the components in your vehicle is overheating.

If you smell a burning odor from your vehicle, it could be your transmission fluid burning up. This might be happening for two main reasons. Either your transmission is old, or you haven’t changed your transmission fluid in a while. Either way, it’s best to take it to a professional auto repair shop as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you’re risking further damage happening to your vehicle.

2. Your Car Is Noisy

If your car is sitting idle and you hear loud noises coming from your vehicle, you could need your automatic transmission repaired. Often, unusual noises such as whining, buzzing, or clunking can be early signs of a transmission issue. If your car is making any weird noises, take your vehicle to a trusted auto repair center as soon as possible! 

3. Slipping Gears

If your automatic transmission is functioning normally, you should hardly notice gear changes. If you notice the gears slipping, this is a sign you need to have your automatic transmission repaired. You should call and schedule an appointment with your local automatic transmission service provider! 

4. Your Vehicle Is Leaking Fluid

A leak in your transmission system can cause serious and expensive damage if not addressed quickly. It’s important to know where your car’s fluid reservoirs are so that you can check for leaks regularly. Transmission fluid is red in color and has a sweet smell to it. If you see a reddish pool of liquid under your vehicle, it’s most likely your transmission fluid leaking!

Leaking fluid is never a good sign! If you know it’s transmission fluid that is coming out of the vehicle, it’s important to get it right into a shop for automatic transmission repair. This is something that should not be delayed, as a transmission fluid leak can be dangerous and can cause further damage to your vehicle that will cost you more money in repairs! 

5. Check Engine Light Is On

An illuminated dashboard is not something you want to see. The check engine light could mean an issue with your automatic transmission or a number of other issues. If you don’t address the problem, it could lead to more serious damage down the road.

What To Do If You Are Experiencing Any of the Issues Mentioned Above

Many drivers experience transmission problems without realizing it. In fact, many drivers wait until their transmission is completely broken before they take it in for repair.

If you are experiencing any of the signs we’ve mentioned above, don’t wait. By not addressing your transmission right away, you are risking causing further damage to your vehicle that will cost you more money in the long run. The sooner you can get your vehicle inspected and diagnosed, the better!

How Can Your Prevent Transmission Failure?Transmission Maintenance in Vancouver WA

Here are six tips on how you can keep your transmission healthy and prevent it from failing:

Tip #1: Check your transmission fluid regularly.

Tip #2: Avoid overheating your transmission.

Tip #3: Don’t overload your vehicle.

Tip #4: Make sure you warm up your vehicle before driving it.

Tip #5: Make sure you regularly get your vehicle serviced and inspected.


Many drivers are not aware of the importance of transmission maintenance and how it can affect the overall health of their vehicles. Neglecting to have your transmission serviced on a regular basis can lead to more serious problems down the road.

Call Ron’s Auto & RV!

Your automatic transmission is a complex, vital component in your vehicle. If your automatic transmission isn’t functioning properly, it will prevent your vehicle from operating. In Vancouver, Washington, and the surrounding area, Ron’s Auto and RV mechanics are the leaders in automatic transmission repair. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to have your automatic transmission repaired.

When it comes to your car’s transmission, don’t wait! Call Ron’s Auto & RV!

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5 Signs Your Car Might Need Transmission Repair

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