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Automobile Tune Up

What Should Be Included in A Regular Automobile Tune Up?

Automobile Tune UpAutomobile engines are technologically advanced today. With these technological advances, high-tech training and equipment is needed. High-tech diagnostic equipment is designed to be compatible with the vehicle computer systems which helps in maintaining and pinpointing any problems. The system’s computer monitors the vehicle’s numerous systems and parts while cutting down on wasted time guessing.

Why Get a Tune Up?

Tune ups should be scheduled at regular intervals, based on a vehicle’s mileage. Depending on weather conditions or how often a vehicle has been used, a tune up may be required more often. There are several indications a tune up is needed that will be hard to miss if a vehicle is showing these signs:

  • The engine light remains on after starting the engine
  • The engine is running rough or continually stalls when stopped in traffic
  • Pinging and knocking sounds when accelerating or when the ignition is turned off
  • Loss of power or torque when accelerating
  • Decline in fuel economy

Basic Engine Tune Up Requirements

Tune ups help to preserve a vehicle’s performance and safety while achieving maximum fuel efficiency and performance. Replacing worn or faulty parts and checking the functioning of the many systems that run the vehicle offers peace of mind while out on the busy highways.

  • Inspect the spark plugs to ensure the engine is running correctly by their appearance, performance and if their connecting wires are in good shape
  • Check the fuel filter to make sure it is not dirty or clogged (Some models do not have servicable filters)
  • Inspect if the fuel pump is properly functioning
  • Examine the fuel injectors to clean debris and dirt away to avoid restricting the fuel required to run engine
  • Inspect the vehicle’s condenser and points
  • Look over all filters required by the EPA that help keep engine running ecologically, dirty filters can slow down performance
  • Check for any clogs or leaking in the PCV valve
  • Fine tune engine’s timing and idle to manufacturer’s requirements/

Engine Assessments, Tune Ups, And Maintenance

With the experience of a trained technician, a basic engine tune up will help keep any vehicle running during the worst weather conditions throughout the year. They will inspect, analyze and adjust the vehicle’s engine for preventative maintenance. All recommendations for the maintenance of the vehicle will be based on its age, manufacturer’s requirements for the model, and mileage. Knowing the basic engine tune up requirements is necessary to understanding how to keep your automobile running safe and smoothly out on the road.

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What Should Be Included in A Regular Automobile Tune Up?

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