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Auto Battery Replacement Vancouver WA

Signs That It’s Time For A Car Battery Replacement

Auto Battery Replacement Vancouver WAThe warning signs are there, but unlike the other demands of life, it’s easy to ignore them when the car still starts. The battery is the nucleus of any vehicle, yet drivers ignore this vital element that keeps a car running. Avoid this common nightmare by learning the classic symptoms of a dying battery now. It’s never the right time for a battery to fail, and keeping an eye out for these indications will save time and frustration.

The engine is slow to turn-over

Most days, just turning a key generates the sweet sound of a purring engine. If starting the motor begins to take longer each day, and is accompanied by a whirring sound, the battery is showing signs that it is failing. Another sign will be that the electronics in the car will not come on while starting the engine.

Warning indicators

Today’s car manufacturers have installed warning indicators to alert drivers that the car’s battery needs servicing. These indicators can be easily located on the dashboard. If a check is suggested, take a look under the car’s hood to inspect the battery.

Assess the battery’s condition for:

Low fluid levels – Newer batteries today have a section of the battery’s case that is translucent, making it easier to see the fluid levels. Otherwise, check under the battery covers to see if the fluids are below the required amount. It there isn’t any fluid visible, it is time to get the battery tested.

Nasty odors can mean corrosion on battery cable connections – Corrosion around the cable connections may be due to the battery leaking. This debris should be removed because it may be keeping the battery from making a proper connection to start the vehicle.

Swollen battery case from a failing battery – A swollen battery case is a definite sign your battery is damaged. This damage is usually due to excessive heat from a battery that is not properly charging. A visit to a service center is extremely advised.

An aging battery – A car battery’s life ranges from 36 to 60 months. Depending on how long a vehicle is driven, a battery cannot recharge if a trip lasts less than twenty minutes. Several short trips zap a battery’s life expectancy. Weather temperatures also affect the life of a battery. Extreme heat is known to age a battery faster.

Getting help

These conditions require professional attention to keep your battery charged. Most service centers offer a complimentary battery-check when getting an oil change. They then diagnose what the battery’s life will be. To avoid getting stranded without a car, always check the battery’s warning signs. Or if you’re still a little unsure about your battery, feel free to get in touch. Here at Ron’s we are more than happy to assist with all of your auto repair needs!

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Signs That It’s Time For A Car Battery Replacement

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